Talent, security breaches weigh on NoCo tech CEOs

Our President, Rob Protzman, recently participated in the NoCo CEO Roundtable presented by BizWest.

“Northern Colorado’s tech industry CEOs have two major issues at hand: gathering and retaining talent and maintaining security for their own companies and their clients.

Leaders in Northern Colorado’s tech community discussed these subjects at the BizWest CEO Roundtable on Tuesday afternoon.”

“”For us, it’s been a mental shift away from ‘it’s the big guys who they’re after,’” said Rob Protzman, president of Chartered Technology. “It’s been difficult for us to get across to our customer base that they’re not after the big guys. When you can afford to become a cybercriminal and buy a starter pack for very little money online you don’t need as big a target as before.”

Protzman added that small- to medium-sized businesses adopting best practices when it comes to cybersecurity can mean the difference between them keeping their doors open or not. If a breach were to happen and their client information was stolen, it can mean the end of the business.

All of the CEOs were wary of security issues, especially when it came to phishing or email security. That’s why they have their employees go through webinars and even faux-phishing scenarios to prepare. Even so, one issue they’re well-aware of is the struggle between best practices when it comes to security and doing what is convenient.

“People are willing to give up the security aspect to have the convenience,” Protzman said. “Employees like to make things easy. For me, it’s going back to the security piece of it. People will sign into their personal accounts or sign into this system from home; the culture is to make it as easy as possible. But that’s what keeps me up at night.””

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