Transform your weakest link into your strongest defense!

An IBM study found that 95% of data breaches are caused by employee mistakes. These mistakes include falling victim to a phishing or ransomware attack, losing a laptop or smartphone, or sending sensitive information to the wrong recipient.

Our Breach Prevention Platform Includes:

Continuous Security Training

  • Weekly Micro Security Training
  • Delivered via Email to Employees
  • 1-2 Minute Bite-Sized Training Modules
  • Ongoing Training Keeps Security Top of Mind
  • Rich Multi-media Makes Topics Interesting

Unlimited Dark Web Breach Assessments (DWBAs)

  • Chartered Tech or a Manager can run DWBAs
  • Shows Which Employee Account were Breached, Which Breaches they were Involved with and What Information was Breached
  • Shows Overall Risk to the Company

Monthly Employee Security Newsletter

  • Unique, Non-Technical, Magazine-style Newsletters
  • Reinforces Security Training
  • Delivered via Email to Employees

Simulated Phishing Attack Platform

  • Fake Phishing Emails Test Employee Awareness
  • Ability to Track and Report Employee Actions
  • Multiple Campaign Configuration Options
  • Successful Attacks Show a Phishing Awareness Lesson

Annual Security Risk Assessment

  • Risk Assessment Report
  • Additional Security Recommendations
  • Threats Analysis / Risk Determination

Security Policies and Procedures

  • Electronic Acknowledgment of Policies
  • Administrator Report of Policy Acknowledgment

Use of the BPP Security Portal

  • Web Security Portal
  • On-Demand Employee Security Training
  • Service Provider Tracking
  • Security Incident Module
  • Disaster Recovery Plan Storage
  • Contracts and Document Storage
  • Additional Security Document Templates (DR, Emergency Operations, etc.)

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