Get Trusted IT Security Management and Data Protection

Did you know that 71% of data breaches happen to businesses with less than 100 employees? Protect your data and keep your business safe from criminals with help from Chartered Technology.


What Exactly is IT Security?

It’s how we can help you implement cybersecurity strategies for your business that prevent any unauthorized users or hackers from getting into your technology assets, such as company computers, networks and data. It helps secure any sensitive information relevant to your business, such as passwords or client information, and can help save you from the expensive headache that is a data breach.

How We Can Help

Our IT company can help your business with IT security management in several ways, depending on your business’ size and needs. We work with our customers to find a solution that works best for them, whether it’s ongoing IT support, routine employee security training or thorough dark web monitoring. 

Simply reach out to our team, and we’ll help you figure out how you can best protect your business from there.


To learn more about the details of our IT security services and how we can help protect your Northern Colorado business’ data, reach out to our team at 970-541-0524 or by sending an email to